Training and education

Training and Education

Linking Petrologic research to scientific education for the sustainable development

The PetroLogic Synergy commitment to science education includes the promotion of technical-scientific culture through a better use of scientific laboratories and multimedia tools. The promotion involves the public institutions and enterprises with initiatives fostering communication between the world of research, business and school, and includes effective projects for sustainable development of the society.
PetroLogic Synergy mission is to illustrate the strong interaction between research, educational needs and socio-economic fabric, which is represented by a three-arched bridge with pillars identified in the

  • Scientific Research
  • University
  • Primary and high school
  • Social, Economical and Political players

PetroLogic Synergy has more than 10 years experience in offering various services, namely training and science education through professional courses, summer schools for science teachers, training courses and workshops for teachers, students of high schools and universities, research or doctorate grants, and implementation of multimedia and applications related to applied petrology.