Petrography Applied to the Resource Exploration

Petrography Applied to the Resource Exploration

In-depth petrographic knowledge for a better and sustainable understanding of the Planet’s resources

Petrography and Petrology Applied to the Exploration

Accurate rock type classification can help distinguish subtle differences among magmatic, metamorphic and sedimentary rock types. This will increase the logging precision, generates a more representative database, and more accurate geological interpretation.


A detailed description of microstructures and mineral reactions allows the identification of
geological process and the modelling of the geological processes.


Rock forming mineral and ore mineral identification and the determination of their modal percentages allows the interpretation of the geochemical data.Paragenetic sequence of rock-forming minerals and ore-minerals allows the interpretation of the appropriate petrogenetic model.


The identification of the alteration assemblage helps detailing the environment of formation (e.g., K-feldspar alteration in a porphyry-style environment) and vectoring the exploration efforts.


Hydrothermal breccia types can be distinguished and characterized by petrographic analysis, and provide insight on the depth and fertility of the system.Elemental composition of minerals by scanning electron microscopy equipped by energy dispersive spectrometer (SEM-EDS) allows the identification of all the ore-minerals within the mineralization.

Petrography and Geometallurgy

Petrographic analysis of uncrushed and crushed rocks under the petrographic microscope and the scanning electron microscope equipped with energy dispersive spectrometer (SEM-EDS) provide important data to improve the recovery of the ore mineral and decrease the operation cost of the mine.


Petrography and Geothermal Energy

Petrographic analysis is a valuable tool in the exploration of geothermal systems.
The worldwide experience of PetroLogic Synergy’s personnel in hydrothermal systems includes the petrographic analysis of the hydrothermal alteration coupled with the textural and microstructural characterization of the reservoir rock types. This type of analysis are an important asset in the multidisciplinary exploration activities for geothermal systems and their modelling.


Petrography and 3D Geological Modeling

Thanks to more than 10 years of modeling experience in economic geology (mining, quarrying), geotechnical and environmental geology, and analogues of petroleum systems, PLS has the expertise to bring structural geology, petrology, petro-physical properties, geophysics, into a comprehensive 3D model.
The three-dimensional visualization of multidisciplinary data, as properties and attributes, lead to improved knowledge of the spatial distribution and variation of key parameters, more constrained understanding of the problems, better plan and approach the job to be done.


Services available include:

  • Data handling and project management;
  • Structural survey and 3D modeling of relevant details;
  • Reconstruction of 3D geo-lithological, petrological and geo-chemical shells;
  • Spatial distribution of petro-physical and chemical properties in a 3D geology frame;
  • Vectorialization of indicators of interest, inside the 3D model;
  • Advanced targeting and risk assessment