The strong academic background and the experience accumulated in 5 continents and in diverse geological framework allows our staff to offer a tailored synergy of in depth understanding of the geological processes and state of the art analytical techniques to efficiently solve the industry problems.
PetroLogic Synergy innovative start-up s.r.l. (PLS) is a spin-off of the University of Siena which provides research, consulting and training in the field of petrology in mining, environmental and industrial sectors.
The priority targets of PLS include :

  • a new scientific and technical approach based on the integration of petrological data with other datasets to minimize energy budgets and improve process quality in the exploration and exploitation of natural resources, and in the industrial rock and mineral production processes;
  • the design and testing of innovative tools for petrological and geological data acquisition and processing;
  • the use of innovative techniques for the chemical and structural characterization of micro and nanocrystalline materials and new geomaterials.

Petrografia applicate all’esplorazione delle risorse minerarie

  • Petrografia e Petrologia applicate all’ esplorazione
  • Petrografia e geometallurgia
  • Petrografia ed energia geotermica
  • Petrografia e modelli geologici 3D

Petrografia applicata ai Geomateriali

  • Geomateriali
  • Analisi petrografiche dei calcestruzzi
  • Analisi petrografiche degli aggregati
  • Analisi mineralogiche applicate al recupero di aree contaminate

Ricerca e sviluppo

  • Robotica e sistemi analitici innovativi
  • PetroRov
  • Nanomateriali

Formazione ed education