2018 PNRA-MIUR IODP Exp 374 (subgrant of 48 KE for LIPS development to Petrologic Synergy/CNR IFAC Petrorov working group)

2017 Winner POR-FSE Call 2014-2020 Regione Toscana

2016 Winner selected among the first 10 start up in STARTCUPTOSCANA 2016

2016 Winner SMAU stand and communication support (Regione Toscana)

2019  Technological transfer in UNISI-CNR IFAC (proponents) BRIC-INAIL New analytical sensor for asbestos analysis in geomaterials and soils-Grant 365 KE (nell’ambito del programma

2019 Winner of Phase I  Instrument Horizon 2020 (EIC-EU Grant)HORIZON 2020