Our Story

Founded in 2015, based on the vision of the late Professor Franco Maria Talarico, who first saw the potential of petrography and petrology in different industry applications, PetroLogic Synergy is an innovative start-up and a spin-off company of the University of Siena.

PLS project and synergy are rooted in a strong academic background and professional experience in applied petrography with the aim of developing innovative and sustainable strategies and tools.

Our Mission

PLS is always committed in developing projects and services that can improve the interactions between research, teaching, environmental monitoring and solutions for geomaterials in multiple industries, from energy and mining to construction and civil engineering.

PLS can assist in grass roots exploration prospects, advanced stage exploration projects, metallurgy and operating mines by using its +40 year experience of its team and the state of the art petrographical and petrological analytical techniques. We apply the petrographic and petrologic techniques to model the deposit, solve complex beneficiation problems, and to the closure and rehabilitation stages.

The research plays a key role in PetroLogic Synergy’s mission: the company constantly seeks new road maps to implement innovative technologies and data integration methods in the field of petrology and applied petrography.

Our Team

Eleonora Strada

Eleonora is the Electron Microscopy supervisor in the Joint Laboratory of applied Petrology to the Quicklime Industry at University of Siena.

Riccardo Aquè

Riccardo specialized in geological, geological-structural and geological-technical surveys, design of exploration campaigns

Matteo Perotti

Matteo is leading one of the main Petrologic Synergy srl project by testing and validating the application of multiple portable sensors

Enrico Mugnaioli

Enrico is an expert in the field of the Automated Diffraction Tomography (ADT), for the acquisition of 3D electron diffraction data